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As the cost of diesel fuel has increased, electric powered wood grinders have become the grinder of choice for an increasing number of grinding professionals.

Spanning over four decades, CW Mill Equipment Co., Inc. has been manufacturing electric powered grinders in addition to its diesel-powered units. CW’s 800 HP Electric HogZilla TC-1564SE is what experienced buyers are looking for today with increased efficiency, reduced maintenance, massive construction, simplicity, and steady mill RPM generating amazing production from its 46″ diameter, super-colossal,
12 pin, hammermill that has an 8-3/4″ main shaft.

Although CW offers many other sizes and configurations, the TC-1564SE models shown here are stationary units mounted onto a foundation.

Since transportation restrictions are not a concern, we are able to build a heavier duty equipped 15′ tub that is constructed from ½” thick steel. The tub floor is made of ¾” thick abrasion resistant steel, and the belly conveyor is 72″ wide.

Several thrown object restraint options are available, as well as a wide range of other options, including portability options for moving the grinder along with custom built motor controls enclosures.

A HogZilla Electric Grinder will provide significant savings!

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