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The most elite class of grinders on the market are HogZilla TC series tub grinders. The sole purpose of the HogZilla TC series is to reliably dominate the toughest grinding applications with the highest production rates. Created with the goal that all possible components should be the best and most rugged available, the TC series has earned its place at the top of the market. The HogZilla TC series is offered in four different models including the most MASSIVE and most popular TCII-1564P MONSTER HogZilla Grinder.

The heart of a TC series grinder is the Torque Converter drive that always allows the engine to perform at peak efficiency with multiplied torque. TC series engines operate near governed speed throughout the work cycle regardless of the load requirements. Torque Converters allow the engine to avoid lugging and needless racing while protecting the engine from shock and loads from torsion. The strength and reliability of industrial Torque Converters was proven decades ago in the rock crushing industry, and CW pioneered and perfected their use in tub grinders. As an added benefit, the torque converter drives the hammermill without the use of a jackshaft or belts.

Other manufacturers may offer a fluid drive and attempt to pass it off as a Torque Converter, but not all fluid drives are true Torque Converters. Other manufacturers best offering is simply a Fluid Coupling. HogZilla is the only grinder known to be equipped with a true Torque Converter. You owe it to yourself to contact CW to become fully aware of HogZilla Torque Converter benefits including our 5yr/6000hr Torque Converter warranty!

There are many unique standard features in the HogZilla TC series grinders. TC grinders exemplify CW Mill Equipments obsession with providing every day standards that are superior to not only the other brand’s base model features but also their extra cost options.

The TCII variation of the TC series grinder has a hammer mill assembly that can be changed to a variety of different swing diameters in the field. This enables easy customization of the machine to match specific grinding needs. Maximum efficiency and productivity can be fine-tuned for any application. It also offers a significant added benefit in future resale value since TC grinders are the only machine that can be easily transformed to match any future buyers individual preference in mill diameter and depth of cut.

Grinding is often a hot and dirty job, and CW has gone to great lengths to take control of the difficult conditions. TC series grinders have the biggest possible radiator pre-cleaner to help pre-filter out the most dirt and contaminants. The engine intake air is ducted from ahead of the radiator inside the pre-cleaner to capture the cleanest & coolest air available. The engine exhaust assembly is configured with a special cover to keep chips out of the engine enclosure and material away from exhaust heat. Other covers, shields, & deflectors also help to protect the machine from material build up & damage.

HogZillas are manufactured with amazing toughness, and this is undeniable
in the TC Series of grinders. We encourage everyone to view the toughness
first hand. It is also important to get a hands-on experience of all of the
HogZilla TC features intended for enhanced operation.

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