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HogZilla HC Series Brochure

The HogZilla HC series have the ideal combination of features, portability, and
large-scale production capabilities to meet
all the needs of mobile industrial grinding operations. The HC series are midsized machines that exceed the capabilities of
the largest machine offered by many other manufacturers. The HogZilla HC can be put up against any grinder on the market on price, performance, and portability. CW offers 3 different models of the HC series grinders including
self-loading and self-propelled track driven models.

The HC series is standardly equipped with a Hydraulic Coupling fluid drive. This type of drive eliminates the common repair hassles of a dry clutch and protects the engine from torsional shock. As an upgrade over the Hydraulic Fluid Coupling, HC grinders are often equipped with a Torque Converter, at the request of the customer, to better protect the rotor drive system and to gain load sensing engine RPM management capability. The optional load sensing engine speed control is intended to save fuel and extend the life of the machine’s moving parts by automatically reducing the engine speed during any possible no-load situation.

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