At CW Mill Equipment, we are committed to building the
absolute best equipment in the industrial grinding business.

Decades ago, we saw the grinding industrys need for higher quality industrial grinders, and we have been responding to the wants and
needs of the industry ever since. When it came to industrial wood
grinding, we started from the ground up with a specific goal to take
on the toughest applications. We knew that our goal would drive us
to manufacture the most reliable, highest capacity grinders, and we
did it with the creation of HogZilla.

In addition to the relentless operation of our machines, customers appreciate our knowledgeable and committed service staff. We want
every customer to know that they can always rely on us for support.

CW wants to get to know you and help to grow your business by
assisting you with your equipment needs, and we can also help you
to establish new and beneficial contacts within the grinding industry.

If you are currently in a grinding related business or
planning to start a grinding related business, contact us.
You’ll be glad you did.

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