Track Mounted

HogZilla Track Options have become extremely popular.

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HTC-1464T (Track Mounted) HogZilla Brochure

HTC-1462T (Track Mounted) HogZilla Brochure

WTC-1354T (Track Mounted) HogZilla Brochure

A HogZilla on Tracks is unparalleled in production and mobility.
• Allows grinding in wet weather or on soft terrain
• Eliminates building roads to get HogZilla moved
• Eliminates towing a truck and grinder on job site
• Allows one man operation
• Position HogZilla for maximum production
• Saves hours a day mobilizing from pile to pile
• Allows easy cleanup around and under HogZilla
• Easier cleanup helps in reducing maintenance

The loader/excavator operator can stay in the cab while moving the Track Mounted HogZilla to different locations using a remote control.

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Remote Control & Hydrostatic Tracks

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