CW Mill has been manufacturing top quality electric and diesel powered grinders for over
40 years, and CW’s HogZilla brand provides
the best diesel and electric powered grinder in the industry. CW Mill continually advances its “Best-Grinder” status, and top professionals who have become fully aware of our machinery prefer HogZilla because of the added efficiency, torque, proven production, reliability, visible quality, durability, and solid value.

HogZilla tub and horizontal grinders are designed and continuously improved, and CW now manufactures twenty standard HogZilla models ranging from mid-sized to MASSIVE including self-propelled track driven and
self-loading units.

HTC-1462T Track Mounted HogZillaFor additional HogZilla
information, click on the link
below to view a brochure.

HogZilla® Diesel & Electric Powered
Tub & Horizontal Grinder Overview


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Specifications subject to change without notice. Product(s) offered for sale may vary in design.

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